Here you will find all the information for all our Starz UK Competitions. Please take care to read all the information carefully before registering your dancers. If you have any queries, please contact us.

Entry Types

Solo 1 performer
Duet / Trio 2 – 3 performers
Small group 4 – 9 performers
Large group 10+ performers

Dance Categories


The music should not contain pre-recorded tap sounds, the routine must contain mostly tap work and tap technique.

Modern / Jazz

The routine must consist of modern/jazz technique, can contain acro and gymnastic content, but must be the majority of modern/jazz technique.


The routine must contain classical ballet technique, ballet shoes must be worn, pointe routines are for Elite teen & senior dancers only, and must contain pointe technique, pointe shoes must be worn.

Commercial / Street

The routine can contain street and commercial styles.


The routine must contain both dance and acrobatic moves.


This can be any style of song, all songs must be age appropriate , with no lead or backing vocals. all songs must be no longer than 2 minutes.


This style of expressive dance that combines elements of several dance genres including, modern/jazz, lyrical, acro, gymnastic and classical.


Should inspire movements to express emotion through the song lyrics. Where movements flow one into the other, in a continuous movement. There should be no sharp moves or pauses, and no acrobatic, gymnastics or contemporary moves in the routine.

Song & Dance

This can be any style, no vocals on the music track, the song and dance must be approximately 50% song & 50% dance.


This is a combination of the Lyrical & Contemporary Styles.

Duo/Trio and Group

Dance Tap, Modern/Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary, Lyrical
Open Song/Dance, Acrobatic, Vocal
Street Commercial, Street, Hip-Hop


Starz Division

For the complete beginner dancer, with little or no experience on the stage. very new to competition.

Elite Division

For the advanced dancer with experience in competition.

Age Divisions

Mini ages 8 and under
Junior ages 9-11
Teen ages 12-15
Senior ages 16 – 21

Starz UK Title Awards

A £5 entry fee is required to enter for a chance to win a Title. All Title entries will be judged during the performance of their chosen routine during the competition. All Titles will be judged on 10% Technique, 10% Musicality, 10% Performance, 10% Choreography & 10% Stage present.

Only Elite solo entries are eligible for Title.

Mini Miss/Mr Starz UK Ages 8 and under
Junior Miss/Mr Starz UK Ages 9 – 11
Teen Miss/Mr Starz UK Ages 12 – 15
Senior Miss/Mr Starz UK Ages 16 – 21

Time Limits

Overtime will result in a 2 point deduction for any performance over the stated time limit, as well as an automatic point deduction of 1/4 point for every 5 seconds of overtime.

Solos 2:00 minutes
Duo / Trio 2:30 minutes
Small group 3:30 minutes
Large group 4:00 minutes


All music must be submitted onto our online system, all music must be the correct time limit. Any music over the stated time limit we be faded and incur a 2 point deduction.

Tap music must not have pre-recorded tap sounds, we do allow vocals, Vocal and Song&Dance can not have lead or backing vocals.

All music must be Age appropriate, with no explicit words.

You must bring a good quality CD for back up, for any technical issues.

No late music will be accepted.

Entry Fees & Deposits

All schools will receive Free live recorded judges critics from our judges, and a downloadable programme will be available. Title awards will be invoiced separate. Judges Freestyle & the Face of Starz UK can be entered on the day at Reception. A Non-Refundable Deposit must be paid with your Entry. Entries will be removed if Deposit is not paid.

General Division Fee Time Limit Extras
Solo (1 performer) £22 per person 2:00 minutes Title Competition: £5
Duet/Trio (2-3 performers) £16 per person 2:30 minutes Judges freestyle: £5
Small Group (4-9 performers) £11 per person 3:30 minutes Face of Starz UK: £5
Large Group (10-19 performers) £11 per person 4:00 minutes
Routines Deposits
1-10 Routines £25 Deposit
11-20 Routines £50 Deposit
21-50 Routines £100 Deposit
51-75 Routines £150 Deposit

Entry Wristbands

Wristband Type Cost
Adult Weekend £20 per person
Child Weekend £10 per person
Adult Day £15 per person
Child Day £5 per person  

2 free teachers per competition. All entered dancers free

Judging & Awards

Each judge can award up to 100 points. Scores out of 200 points: Ultimate Gold Star Receive automatic entry into the Grand Final

Ultimate Gold Star 195 – 200 points
Gold Star 170 – 194 Points
Silver Star 140 – 169 Points
Bronze Star 100 – 139 Points

Individual judge scoring (out of 100)

Performance 25 points

The overall performance of the dancers. which includes facial expressions, Energy on the stage, the connection with other performers on the stage, your connection with the judges & the audience & your ability to connect with the music and story line.

Choreography 25 points

Variations and different levels of dance, age appropriate choreography based on the dancers age and level of experience. varied interesting formations, clear story lines.

Technique 25 points

The level of technical proficiency for the specific dance category.

Musicality 25 points

The music adheres to the time limit requirements for the entry type. Music is appropriate for the age of the performers and contains no explicit content.

Special Awards

High Scores

High scores will be awarded for Highest Score of the Entire Competition.

Overall High Scores

Overall high scores will be awarded. For Elite solo’s, duo/trios & Groups only.

Judge’s Awards

Judge’s awards are given out during award ceremonies and are created by the judge’s, for a routine of their choice. Starz UK Mini & Junior Dancer, Starz UK Teen & Senior Dancer, Starz UK Best Group Award & Teachers Choreography Award.

Starz UK Top School

Total School Scores for the whole competition will be added together for our Overall top School

Other Awards

Miss/Mr Title Awards, Judges Freestyle Knockout Award & The Face Ambassador of Starz UK.Starz UK Highest scored Duo/Trio, Highest Scored Group.

Judge’s Freestyle Knockouts

There will be 2 age groups, junior 11 & under and senior 12 plus. All dancers will be taught a short routine (approx. 2 bars of 8 counts). then you will be asked to freestyle, the judges will sort you into smaller groups to run the routine, where they will knockout dancers until they have their winner.

Faces of Starz UK

To have the chance to be one of our Face of Starz UK ambassadors you will need to bring 2 images one head shot and one action shot, you can register your entry on the day. The fee is £5 per dancer. The Winner of Each Face of Starz UK will  advertise/promote for Starz UK on all social media for the year, you will open the next Starz UK competition, you will also win an award.

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